University Awards

There are multiple sources of potential funding that can cover anything from a single semester or summer to a student’s entire graduate program. The following is not a complete list of such resources but should serve as a useful introduction. Be sure to check with your department and ask about grants, fellowships, and awards relevant to your discipline.

McDonnell International Academy Fellowship

Provides an interdisciplinary, international network of graduate and professional students dedicated to global leadership.

Center for Humanities Graduate Student Fellowships

A one-semester, $5,000 stipend awarded by the Center for the Humanities to students writing humanities dissertations; includes participation in the center’s Faculty Fellowship Program.

Graduate Writing Fellowships 

Offered by the Writing Center and open to doctoral students in Arts & Sciences departments for students at or near the dissertation-writing stage; requires a commitment of approximately six hours per week.

Digital Humanities Fellowships

Provides opportunities to participate in research projects, focused on the application of technology to the humanities, led by WashU faculty.

Study Abroad Funding

Opportunities for funding to support research and study abroad abound at Washington University in St. Louis.

Field Specific Awards

Visit your department's website, or talk to the department administrator for details. 

Summer Funding

Depending on the amount and disbursement of your main source of funding, filling in the gap between the Spring and Fall semesters can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a variety of options. Some study abroad funding is designed to be used during the summer, and there are sometimes research assistantships available on a departmental or administrative level. Other options include teaching with University College or getting a part-time job on or off campus. Talk with your adviser and department administrator about what the best option for you might be.