Student ID

Registered students are issued a 6-digit ID number (SIS Number) and a student ID card.

Your card may need to be activated in order for you to gain access to certain academic buildings and/or labs. Please contact the appropriate department office to request that your card be activated.

Note: There is a fee to replace a lost ID card.


Danforth Campus

The Campus Card Services office, located on the lower level of the Women's Building, Suite 002, provides all university ID’s for students.  Campus Card Services will also provide customer service for the Bear Bucks program.  Office hours for Campus Card Services are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the main telephone number is 314-935-8800.


Medical Campus

If you are in a program or department that is housed on the Medical School campus, visit that program or department's administrative office for help with obtaining your ID.

Student ID cards issued from either campus are valid throughout the University so multiple cards are not needed (please note: there are some areas of the Medical School which do require that ID card be physically displayed).


WUSTL Connect

WUSTL CONNECT is a universal login system for all WUSTL online applications. This system uses the WUSTL Key, a self-selected login ID and password combination for University web applications such as WebSTAC, WebFAC, Telesis, eGrades, and The Student Health Services Portal.

If you have not yet created your WUSTL KEY, you may still use your Student ID Number and temporary password to log on, at which point you will be prompted to create your WUSTL KEY. Once you have created your WUSTL KEY, you must use it to access any or all Washington University system applications where you see the WUSTL KEY logo.  Your Student ID and temporary password combination will no longer be accepted.