Pillars of Professional Prosperity

The Pillars of Professional Prosperity (3P) is a lecture series designed to provide a forum for senior faculty and subject matter experts to share knowledge and facilitate engaging discussions with graduate students. Workshops will focus on career and professional development topics.


Past Lectures:

If you missed a lecture, you can view recordings by clicking the links below:

January 19, The Art of Publishing:  This session, led by Holden Thorp,  Professor of Chemistry and Medicine, Rita Levi-Montalcini Distinguished University Professor, Editor-in-Chief, Science and Bill Tolman, Associate Dean of Research, William Greenleaf Eliot Professor of Chemistry, Editor-in-Chief, Inorganic Chemistry focused on the publication process, best practices for writing an article that appeals to the chosen readership, where and when to connect with editors, and how to best respond to revision requests and reviews.

February 24, Mentoring Matters:  Professors Deanna Barch, Gregory B. Couch Professor of Psychiatry, Chair and Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Professor of Radiology and Lerone A. Martin, Director of American Culture Studies, Associate Professor of Religion and Politics, American Culture Studies, and African & African-American Studies will share their experience and advice on the the complexities of the one-on-one individualized mentoring relationship. In this session, you’ll learn about the different styles of mentoring, setting and accomplishing goals and mentoring best practices. Additionally, you’ll gain an understanding of resources available to help you navigate the mentor relationship and glean insights into growing professionally.

March 17, Negotiations: A Primer for Academia and Beyond: In this session, Professor Hilary Anger Elfenbein, John and Ellen Wallace Distinguished Professor and Professor of Organizational Behavior, and a renowned Washington University faculty member, discuss the topic of negotiation, a mutual decision-making process used to allocate scarce resources. Taking this wide-ranging definition seriously, we negotiate constantly both inside and outside the workplace. This workshop presents the fundamental concepts included in full-length negotiations courses and brings it alive with an experiential exercise.

April 13, Journeys Into Higher Education Administration: In this workshop, Jennifer K. Lodge and Beverly Wendland, two academic leaders of Washington University, have a conversation and share words of wisdom and lessons learned; the satisfaction of a role in administration; and differences among various administrative roles. This conversation was followed by a Q&A session.