By Rose Miyatsu

Next Monday June 18, the Graduate School will host a talk on career diversity for doctoral candidates with Dr. Sarah Peterson, the Chair of Content and Resource Development at Imagine PhD. The talk will take place at 4PM in DUC 234. Peterson will discuss how to use the Imagine PhD resources, and provide tips for how to talk to advisors about career plans. 


Imagine PhD is a free online tool for career exploration and planning specifically aimed at doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences. The site helps students recognize their career-related skills and interests, and then directs them to explore appropriate career paths. It also provides resources that students can use to create timelines and map out their goals for professional development in the career fields they are interested in pursuing. 


Some of the most useful aspects of the Imagine PhD website are its relatively short assessments that match students up with different “career families.” Although these family categories are relatively broad, they can help users identify interests in fields they might not have considered before, and therefore provide a strong starting point for research into diverse careers. Clicking on any of the career families will lead users to a page in which they can explore different careers within the family by reading sample job descriptions and the testimonies of PhDs who work in those fields. Each family module also devotes sections to networking, building skills, and applying for jobs, complete with links to job boards and online communities specific to that field. This aggregation of resources drastically cuts down on the amount of research students need to perform for themselves as they are exploring various career alternatives and figuring out how to market themselves.  The site is also designed with inspirational pictures, which makes it fun to navigate.


Whether you are just starting your program or about to enter the job market, we encourage you to come listen to Peterson’s talk and learn more about your career options and how to navigate the many resources available to you on your job search.  


Want to read more about ImaginePhD? Read the Inside Higher Ed article, "A New Way for PhDs to Plan Their Careers", by ImaginePhD co-creators.

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