Fall 2018 Three Minute Thesis Winners

In her winning talk, Marilynn Piccirillo, a PhD candidate in Psychological and Brain Sciences, used common language, one slide, and an engaging style to present her entire thesis project in just three minutes. Marilyn was one of 8 competitors across PhD programs at WashU who presented to a full audience at Goldberg Formal Lounge in the Danforth University Campus.

Research topics ranged from protecting our drinking water to economic factors that impact health inequality, in analyzing American cities for a better quality of life.

Marilyn took home the $1,000 prize for first place. She posed the question "What if there was a fit bit for your emotional life?" as she discussed using risk models to tailor interventions for individuals experiencing anxiety and depression.

Second prize and $250 was awarded to George Katumba, a graduate student in the Biochem, Biophysics, Structural Biology program. His talk introduced his research on how your body hides essential nutrients like iron from bacteria that could cause urinary tract infections, and how bacteria steal the iron to fight back.

Audience members also voted on their favorite talk, and the People's choice and $100 was awarded to Emily Streeper, a PhD candidate in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Emily talked about strategies to help older adults remember to take the right medications at the right time.

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the 3 Minute Thesis in the Fall or Spring competition.

Fall 2018 Awards

First Place                  

Marilynn Piccirillo | Psychological and Brain Sciences 

Individualized Risk Models for Mental Health


Runner Up & GSS Travel Award              

George Katumba | Division of Biology and Biomedical Science

Yersiniabactin: Putting the Fe in infections


People's Choice         

Emily Streeper | Psychological and Brain Science

When "Just Don't Do It" Isn't Enough: A Strategy for Reducing Overadherence

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