Congratulations 2021 Bouchet Society inductees

The Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society recognizes preeminent scholars who exemplify academic and personal excellence, foster environments of support and serve as examples of scholarship, leadership, character, service and advocacy. The Bouchet Society was founded by Yale University and Howard University in 2005, named after the first African-American doctoral recipient in the U.S. It acknowledges outstanding scholarly achievements and promotes diversity in excellence in doctoral education and the professoriate.

Five graduate students from Washington University have been named to the Bouchet Honor Society for 2021: Baba Badji (Comparative Literature), Aisha Lee (MSTP, Immunology), Onochie Okonkwo (Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering), Geralle Powell (DBBS, Molecular Genetics and Genomics) and Jordyn Wartts (Public Health). Inductees from 2020 and 2021 will be recognized at a (virtual) ceremony at the Annual Yale Bouchet Conference on Diversity and Graduate Education this month. Learn more.