Leadership Development Initiative

Want to help shape the student experience for the graduate and professional student community at Washington University in St. Louis, while also honing your own leadership skills? The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) offers the opportunity for students to advance projects that promote leadership development among the larger graduate and professional student population.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals may request a maximum budget of $500.
Proposed projects must benefit graduate and professional students broadly, and proposals must include:
  • Project title
  • Project description
  • Project impact (What is the leadership development need being met or skill being advanced, and how will this project will enhance graduate and professional education at WashU?)
  • Project timeline and implementation plan
  • Project budget and anticipated utilization of funds
  • Project assessment strategy (How will you evaluate the project’s impact on graduate and professional students?)
  • Project leaders (How will your role in this initiative positively influence your own leadership development?)
Proposals will be reviewed by the members of the Liberman Graduate Center Advisory Board, which includes graduate and professional students and Liberman Graduate Center Staff. Successful proposals: identify a significant opportunity to support leadership development among graduate and professional students, propose innovative strategies for addressing this opportunity, are feasible, and are fully conceptualized.
Proposals should be no more than 2000 words, and should be submitted to Assistant Dean Ashley Macrander (ashleymacrander@wustl.edu). All graduate and professional students and student groups are eligible to apply for funding. Project leaders of accepted proposals will be expected to implement the approved project, utilize funds according to the budget accepted by the Liberman Graduate Center Advisory Board, complete monthly check-ins over the course of the project’s timeline, and write a 500-word impact statement upon conclusion of the project.
Applicants will receive information regarding proposal status following Liberman Graduate Center Advisory Committee meetings, which occur in September, November, February, and April. Please contact Assistant Dean Macrander with any questions, and good luck!