The Liberman Graduate Center

A Place to Belong

The Liberman Graduate Center is a dedicated space for graduate and professional students to meet, connect, and engage. 

The Liberman Center encourages students to foster a sense of interdisciplinarity and develop social and intellectual communities among their peers. The vice provost for graduate education, university partners, and graduate student groups host programming and workshops in the center. Our programming includes topics such as graduate student professional development, graduate student leadership, new student orientation, and interdisciplinary, academic, and personal development.

Graduate Student Leadership

Washington University in St. Louis has a strong tradition of graduate student involvement and leadership, making sure graduate students are represented at virtually every level of the decision-making process affecting graduate student life: departmental and school committees, university standing committees, and graduate student representation on the university's Board of Trustees. We also provide numerous opportunities for graduate students to get involved and develop their leadership skills through school-based, mulitdisciplinary, and university-wide registered graduate student groups. The Liberman Graduate Center is "home base" for WashU's university-wide graduate student groups. We encourage student leadership and help you build a network based on academic, leadership, and professional interests. We are also available for advising, administrative support, and priority space-use to all registered university-wide graduate student groups.

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DUC 300 Reservable Spaces

Thach Commons

Capacity: 50-60 people
Multi-purpose space designed for studying, relaxing and having lunch. Also versatile for professional activities, lectures, and social events. Equipped with a flat-screen TV and projection system.

reserve Thach Commons

Friedman Conference Room

Capacity: 15-20 people
Conference space used for committee meetings and seminars. Furnished with a modular conference table, whiteboard, flat-screen TV, projection system, and computer workstations with wireless keyboard and mouse.

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Small Meeting Room

Capacity: 6-8 people
Small Conference space accommodating study groups and small meetings. Equipped with a modular conference table and whiteboard to accommodate study groups and small meetings.


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