Graduate Council

The Graduate Council of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences acts as a discussion forum on all matters pertaining to the Graduate School and serves, subject to review by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as the legislative branch of the Graduate School. The Council is chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School and consists of one faculty and one graduate student representative named by each of the degree programs offered through the Graduate School.

The presence of graduate students on the Council as coequals with faculty is symbolic of the active role graduate students are expected to play, in partnership with the faculty, in their scholarly development. A permanent committee of the Graduate Council is the Executive Committee, elected at the end of the academic year by the outgoing Graduate Council. This Committee oversees the establishment and operation of standing and ad hoc committees; does planning for the Graduate Council; functions as an advisory panel for the Graduate School; and its members serve on the Academic Integrity Committee. For more information, contact Assistant Dean Ashley Macrander.


2017-2018 Representatives of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences



American Culture Studies   Box 1126

Faculty: Peter Benson



Art History & Archaeology   Box 1189

Faculty: Angela Miller

Student: Lindsay Sheedy


Classics   Box 1050

Faculty: Zoe Stamatopoulou

Student: Allison Ditmore


Comparative Literature   Box 1107

Faculty: Lynne Tatlock & Anca Parvulescu

Student: Nan Hu


East Asian Languages & Cultures   Box 1111

Faculty: Jamie Newhard

Student: Min Wang


English   Box 1122

Faculty: Jessica Rosenfeld

Student: Sara Brenes Akerman


Film & Media Studies   Box 1174

Faculty: Gaylyn Studlar

Student: Cristian Mora


Germanic Languages & Literatures   Box 1104

Faculty: Erin McGlothlin

Student: Christin Zenker


History   Box 1062

Baniel Bornstein

Xin Yu


Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Languages & Cultures   Box 1121

Faculty: Nancy Berg

Student: Jacon Kildo


Master of Liberal Arts   Box 1122

Faculty: Harriet Stone

Student: Shonda Gray


Music   Box 1032

Faculty: Alex Stefaniak

Student: Ashley Pribyl


Philosophy   Box 1073

Faculty: Anya Plutynski

Student: Jordan Shaw


Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology   Box 1073

Faculty: Anya Plutynski

Student: Jordan Shaw


Romance Languages & Literatures   Box 1077

Faculty: Pascal Ifri

Student: Kyle Young


The Writing Program   Box 1122

Faculty: Dave Schuman



Performing Arts: MFA in Dance   Box 1108

Faculty: Christine Knoblauch-ONeal

Student: Samantha Gaitsch


Performing Arts: Theatre & Performance Studies   Box 1108

Faculty: Pannill Camp

Student: Daniel Guttas


Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies   Box 1078

Faculty: Mary Ann Dzuback

Student: Erin Barry



Science & Math

Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences (DBBS)   Box 8226

Faculty: Jin-Yu Shao

Student: Jordan Brock


Biology/ Biotechnology   Box 1137




Chemistry   Box 1134

Faculty: Richard Loomis

Student: Tabbetha Bohac


Earth & Planetary Sciences   Box 1169

Faculty: Jeff Catalano

Student: Elaine Flynn


Materials Science & Engineering   Box 1185

Faculty: Kathy Flores

Student: Steven Hartman


Mathematics   Box 1146

Faculty: Brett Wick

Student: Mohammad Jabbari


Movement Science   Box 8502

Faculty: Catherine Lang

Student: Ching-Ting Hwang


Physics   Box 1105

Faculty: Anders Carlsson

Student: Siera Stoen


Rehabilitation & Participation Science   Box 8505

Faculty: Carolyn Baum

Student: Catherine Hoyt-Drazen


Speech & Hearing   Box 8042

Faculty: William Clark

Student: Amanda McNamara



Aerospace Engineering   Box 1185

Faculty: Jessica Wagenseil

Student: Alex Reiter


Biomedical Engineering   Box 1097

Faculty: Jin-Yu Shao



Computer Science & Engineering   Box 1045

Faculty: Michael Brent

Student: Clayton Farber


Electrical Engineering   Box 1127

Faculty: Jung-Tsung Shen

Student: Oindrilla Chatterjee


Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering   Box 1180

Faculty: Young-Shin Jun

Student: Qingquin Zeng


Mechanical Engineering   Box 1185

Faculty: Jessica Wagenseil

Student: Alex Reiter


Systems Science & Math   Box 1127

Faculty: Jr-Shin Li

Student: Shuo Wang



Social Sciences

Anthropology   Box 1114

Faculty: Michael Frachetti

Student: Mana Hayashi Tang


Business   Box 1133

Faculty: Anjan Thakor

Student: Rachel Gershon


Economics   Box 1208

Faculty: Marcus Berliant

Student: Juan Vizcaino


Education   Box 1183

Faculty: Odis Johnson

Student: David Barnes


Human Resource Management   Box 1085

Faculty: Jennifer Fickleler

Student: Shawn Miller


International Affairs   Box 1062

Faculty: Andrew Sobel

Student: Lu Li


Non-Profit Management   Box 1085

Faculty: Amy Buehler

Student: Gail Boker


Political Science   Box 1063

Faculty: Andrew Reeves

Student: Erin Rossiter


Psychological & Brain Sciences   Box 1125

Faculty: Lori Markson

Student: Marta Stojanovic


Social Work   Box 1196

Faculty: Renee Cunningham-Williams

Student: Roger Wong