Graduate Certificate Programs

In addition to individual courses, another means of interdisciplinary study for Ph.D. students is the addition of a graduate certificate.

Tuition Remission is not available for coursework beyond 72 units. Students should consult with their program department and the certificate department to determine if additional coursework beyond 72 units will be required to complete both programs. Earning a certificate must not increase a student's expected time to degree or amount of stipend support.  PhD students may pursue only  one certificate.


Certificate programs listed below are open to doctoral students currently enrolled in the Graduate School.

American Culture Studies
Contact: Clarissa Hayward
(314) 935-5401

Data Science in the Humanities
Contact: Joe Loewenstein
(314) 935-4044

Film and Media Studies
Contact:  Gaylyn Studlar
(314) 935-4056

Language Instruction
Contact: Joe Barcroft
(314) 935-5175

Latin American Studies
Contact: Mabel E. Moraña
(314) 935-8385

Quantitative Data Analysis
Contact: Deanna Barch
(314) 935-8729

Translation Studies
Contact: Gerhild Williams
(314) 935-5170

Urban Studies
Contact: Carol Camp Yeakey
(314) 935-6241

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Contact: Donna Kepley
(314) 935-5102