CGF, Olin Fellowship

Workshop: Communication With Influence and Impact

presented by Growth Potential Consulting

Communication is the cornerstone of life, and mastering these skills will help you in your personal and professional life. Even though we all know it is essential, it is still one of the main reasons for the confusion, a lack of cohesiveness, and misunderstandings. And since we are all uniquely different, building this skill in a way that allows you to be authentic will help you have long-term success.
One-on-one and group discussions involve having a strategy while being flexible to adapt based on the changing interpersonal dynamics. This module will help you improve your ability to socialize ideas with people to ensure you can contribute your recommendations and suggestions to projects, at work, and overall in life.
During this interactive workshop, you will:
•    Understand five key strategies to have more significant influence and impact.
•    Learn techniques to navigate a conversation when someone challenges your ideas and opinions.
•    Walk away with an understanding of at least one area you can focus on immediately to become more effective.

This event is only open to current Chancellor's and Olin Fellows. To register, please use the links in the calendar document sent to you by email. Reach out to Angelina Sylvain ( if you have questions.