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Leadership Seminar Series: Dining Do's & Don'ts

Build your leadership skills with tips and strategies for effective meetings and budgets.

The Leadership Seminar Series offers quarterly leadership development opportunities for the executive boards of graduate and professional student groups. Knowledge of how to serve a variety of constituents and ensure that all voices are heard, maintain a clear and inviting public presence, and create programming that encourages others to engage are essential to being a successful leader. Join the leadership seminar series to meet other student leaders and to build on these skills.


2018-2019 SCHEDULE

September 26 | 3:30PM | How to Run an Effective Meeting and Create a Budget

October 3 | 3:30PM | How to Work in Teams

October 23 | 4:00PM | Gallup Strengths Quest

January 23 | 3:30PM | Succession Planning for Graduate Groups 

February 21 | 5:00PM | Dining Do's & Don'ts