Graduate School

Graduate School Hooding & Recognition Ceremony

PhD and Master’s Degree recipients who graduated August 2017, December 2017 or who will be graduating May 2018, are invited to participate in the Graduate School 2018 Hooding & Recognition Ceremony. Hooding & Recognition Ceremonies are reserved for students who have completed all Degree Requirements by April 23, 2018. Those who completed their degrees prior to the 2017 dates are also eligible to participate.


The Hooding Ceremony is a symbolic Recognition of leaving student status, and joining a community of scholars.

Those planning to participate on May 17 must complete the online Hooding & Recognition Ceremony Response FORM. Deadline to complete the response form is Thursday, April 25, 2018. Those who do not complete a response form, will not be permitted to participate in the Hooding and Recognition Ceremony.


All participants are required to wear full regalia (academic caps, gowns, and hoods). The deadline to order regalia is March 15. Information regarding regalia rental can be found on the Commencement website.


Each graduate and professional school has a recognition ceremony of its own degree recipients. At the Graduate School's Hooding Ceremony, PhD recipients in Arts & Sciences and Engineering are hooded by their faculty mentors, and Master's degree recipients are recognized.

PhD recipients in Business and Social Work are hooded at their School's recognition ceremonies. 


ATTENTION: If you are earning a Master's degree from University College and are planning to attend the May Commencement, please visit University College for their specific Recognition Ceremony information.