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3MT Competition: Fall

The 3MT is an academic competition that challenges PhD students to describe their research within three minutes to a general audience.  3MT celebrates the discoveries made by research students and encourages you to communicate the importance of your research to the broader community.


The Liberman Graduate Center encourage all graduate students to participate in 3MT.


The first Washington University 3MT was held on December 6, 2016.  Nine contestants competed in the final event with the three prize winners from different programs including Social Work, Business and Engineering. 

Don't miss this opportunity to practice your presentation skills, meet other PhD candidates, and have a chance to win up to $1000.00 for academic travel!

To learn more about the competition history, rules and gain valuable preparation tips, visit the 3MT website


First prize for competition is $1000.00 study related travel advance, second prize is $250.00 and the People's Choice is $100.00 . 

If additional heats are required the winners of each heat will receive Amazon gift cards.

Registration deadline is Friday, October 5.

This aligns with the Communication programming requirement for the Graduate Leadership Credential.