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Core Competencies

Apply creative problem solving to challenges.

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Learn to:

  • recognize inherent curiosities and take action
  • define entrepreneurial thinking and apply it to research and career plans
  • use design thinking to positively impact personal development and solve challenges

Explore Our Programming Focused on Creativity:

Humanists' Start-Up

Attend this problem solving session with a community start-up. In Fall 2018, EyeSeeMe bookstore will share business challenges and invite graduate students to use their critical thinking and humanistic education to solve the challenges. Graduate students will persuade panelists that their idea is the best for a chance to work with the start-up to implement the solution.

Non-Academic Career Exploration

Attend career exploration events to network with interdisciplinary humanists and scientists, and professionals in start-ups and non-profits. Learn how they are creative in their fields. Talk to start-up founders and grad students who intern or work on projects with start-ups and non-profits.

Venture Cafe

Venture Cafe meets every Thursday at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) on 4240 Sarah St. Check out regular programming on innovation and startups, talk to community members doing interesting work in different sectors, and drinks are free (coffee, spritzers, wine and beer). The Graduate School hosts graduate students to meet with non-profit co-founders and other humanists, once a quarter, for a curated networking night of fun.

Career Exploration: Informational Interviews

Recognize your inherent curiosities about other careers and take action. Conduct an informational interview with alumni or professionals in a field to learn about a new career field or learn what an alumni is doing now in a job of interest. Informational interviews are not meant to ask for a job, but to build your network as you explore careers and begin to interview in a career of interest.

Interested in doing a postdoc or going on the faculty search? These types of information gathering meetings are also great for learning about different types of academic institutions and a potential advisor’s mentoring style.

Reading Group: Designing Your Life

Host a reading group to discuss Bill Burnett and Dave Evan's Designing Your Life. Graduate students have used the odyssey planning to create a more impactful graduate school journey. Contact Associate Dean Thi Nguyen at thi.nguyen[at]wustl.edu, if interested.

How to Fail Better

Studies show that graduate students who have grit and growth mindset are most likely to succeed. According to researcher Angela Duckworth, grit is defined as perseverance and passion for long term goals. Individuals with a growth mindset don’t see failure as a sign of unintelligence, but rather a springboard to overcome challenges, as described by researcher Carol Dweck.



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