Checklist for Admitted Graduate Students

Before You Arrive

  • International Graduate Students: visit the Office for International Students and Scholars website.
  • Places to live:  Most Graduate students live off campus in privately or university owned apartments. Check with the landlord to find out whether you are responsible for setting up and paying for your own utilities in rentals.
    • A good place to start your research is with Quadrangle Housing, for Washington University owned properties,
    • You can also use the University Apartment Referral Services, an online listing for privately-owned apartments. 
    • The Graduate Student Senate's Off-Campus Living Committee has a list of housing resources compiled by graduate students.
  • Create your WUSTL Key and Activate your GO WUSTL email account.
  • Complete the COVID-19: Public Health Guidelines, Community Pledge and Policy Acknowledgment for Students - Fall 2020
  • Submit your photo for a Campus ID. Due to Covid restrictions, Campus Card Services will be printing cards prior to students' arrival on campus. Please send a jpg headshot to by September 7. The Graduate School will contact you with distribution information. Please visit their website for more information:


Upon Arrival on Campus

  • International Students: Check in with the Office for International Students and Scholars.
  • Check in with your Department: introduce yourself to the departmental assistant, get keys, card access to your buildings and office.
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Attend online Orientation events and virtual activities fairs.
  • Complete your online registration and update your local address on WebSTAC.
  • Complete Payroll Information forms and return to your department.
  • Become acquainted with your program's health care services and health fee subsidies and coverage requirements for graduate students. 
  • Register for your UPass, the Washington University Metro Universal rail and bus pass program. (There is no charge to students for this service; requires Student ID and Registration.)
  • Get a campus parking permit if you have a car and plan to park on campus. Occasional parking passes are a good option for many students. Please visit the Parking and Transportation website for the most up-to-date information:


Settling In

  • Connect with the peer mentor(s) and senior graduate students in your department to get helpful tips on your department's Peer Mentoring Program.
  • Settle into your apartment. You are strongly encouraged to take photos of the condition of your apartment before moving in and to consider purchasing renter's insurance.
  • Contact utilities providers (if you are responsible for your own utilities): 
       Gas:  Spire Energy  314-621-6960
       Electric: Ameren Missouri  800-552-7583.
       Other utilities such as telephone, internet, cable/satellite have multiple providers.  Please talk to your landlord about your options.
  • Open a local bank account. For your convenience, Bank of America operates a full-service banking facility on campus.
  • Remember to change your address with the post office, financial institutions, credit cards, and magazines. Also, change your voter registration if you plan to vote in Missouri.  Make sure to use your local apartment address, and not a University Box number for all of your personal mail.
  • Transfer car registration/license to Missouri within a month of your arrival or you will face penalty fines. Be sure your car insurance reflects the change. Missouri requires state inspection, proof of insurance and may also require a vehicle emissions test.