Graduate Student Groups

Washington University has a strong tradition of graduate student involvement and leadership. Through our "shared governance" system, graduate students are represented at virtually every level of the decision-making process affecting graduate students: departmental and School committees; University Standing Committees; and graduate student representation on the Washington University Board of Trustees.

There are also numerous opportunities for graduate students to get involved and develop their leadership skills through School-based student groups and multidisciplinary and university-wide registered graduate student groups listed below.

The Liberman Graduate Center provides priority space-use, administrative support, and advising to the Graduate Professional Council, Graduate Student Senate, and all registered university-wide graduate student groups. 


Graduate Professional Council (GPC)

The Graduate Professional Council is the university-wide graduate
student organization that represents more than 6,000 graduate and
professional students from all seven schools at Washington University
in St. Louis. GPC hosts events and provides professional development
opportunities for graduate students across academic disciplines.



    Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

    Constituted in Spring 1993, the GSS isthe graduate student governing
    body thatrepresents ~1900 graduate students in theGraduate School of
    Arts & Sciences,including Ph.D. students in the schoolsof Engineering,
    Social Work and Business.


      BioEntrepreneurship Core (BEC)

      BEC is a graduate student-led multidisciplinary group open to all 
      Wash U affiliates, begun in 2004 and now comprisingupward of 400
      members. Its mission is to educate students,faculty, and staff regarding
      biotechnology-based entrepreneurialopportunities and skills.


        Black Graduate Council (BGC)

        BGC provides a supportive social and professional network for black
        graduate students at WU and encourages meaningfuldiscussion,
        commentary, and analysis regarding local and nationalissues relevant to
        African Americans. It also seeks to serve as avehicle for positive
        social change at Washington Universityand within St. Louis African
        American communities.


          Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

          WashU CSSA, officially registered since 2001, is the only university-
          wide graduate student organization that coordinates social and
          intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars on both Danforth
          and medical campus of Washington University. CSSA strives to increase
          cultural awareness on campus and share Chinese culture
          within the entire WashU community.


            Graduate Students with Children

            Graduate Students with Children represents and advocates
            for graduate and professional students at Washington University
            in St. Louis who have children. Our mission is to foster community
            and communication amongst graduate students with children,
            advocate to university administration and graduate student organizations
            and governing bodies on behalf of student-parents, and work toward
            increasing awareness, understanding, and inclusion of parenting
            issues within the university.



              Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA)

              KGSA encourages friendship and solidarity among Korean graduate &
              professional students at Washington University, and promotes a broader
              understanding of Korea and its culturesamong WU students, faculty,
              and staff.


                Latino Graduate Student Alliance (LGSA)

                The Latino Graduate Student Alliance is a graduate student group that
                addresses the social, educational, and professional needs of Latina/o
                graduate students and those interested in Latina/o and Latin American
                issues at Washington University. We strive to increase awareness and
                understanding of social, economic, cultural, and political issues
                affecting the Latino community at large.



                  OUTgrads is an LGBTQIA group dedicated to developing community
                  among Washington University graduate and professional students,
                  faculty, and staff of all genders and sexual orientations. It provides
                  social support and professional development opportunities, and
                  promotes awareness of issues that affect LGBT communities.


                    ProSPER (WU Graduate Students Promoting Science Policy, Education, and Research)

                    Washington University in St. Louis Graduate Students Promoting
                    Science Policy, Education, and Research (ProSPER) is a university-wide
                    graduate student group that promotes the use of science in policy-making
                    through science advocacy and literacy, facilitating inter-professional
                    communication, and increasing scientist participation in policy.


                      Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium

                      The St. Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium (STLNOC) aims to connect students, teachers, and the general public with brain-related research and educational opportunities across the St. Louis region. We support a variety of programs and events including the Amazing Brain Carnival at the St. Louis Science Center, the Brain Discovery school outreach program, and the annual St. Louis Area Brain Bee. Graduate and professional students have the opportunity to hone their science communication skills while sharing their excitement about neuroscience with participants of all ages!



                        Saudi Student Association

                        Saudi Student Association at WashU is a non-profit organization which
                        seeks to promote interaction, and collaboration among WashU society to
                        enhance the awareness about Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the
                        Islamic world at large.



                          Umang (meaning enthusiasm in Hindi) is the campus-wide Indian
                          graduatestudent association of Washington University in St Louis. We
                          organize celebrations for several Indian festivals, including Diwali and
                          Holi, and host many fun-filled events throughout the year. We work
                          towards building a sense of community among our members and adding
                          to the cultural diversity at Wash U.


                          WUSTL Ballroom

                          WUSTL Ballroom is a new university-wide graduate student group
                          dedicated to bringing ballroom dance lessons in a fun, stress-free
                          environment to the student body at Washington University in St.